European Doors in Canada and the USA

Why is so hard to find European Doors in Canada and the USA?

Well, you might think that with Interior Doors being so widely available in Canada and the USA, there would be plenty of choice.  Think again!

The interior door market in North America focuses primarily on traditional designs. These door designs have not changed much from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. Hardware stores in Canada and the USA will offer Shaker Style Doors, Raised Panel Doors in 2 panel, 4 panel or 6 panel versions as they always have.

Why do people not ask for anything different? Why is nobody looking a the more modern designs of European Interior Doors?

The answer is probably 3-fold:

  • Canadians and Americans are used to the door designs they see around them and cannot imagine anything else.
  • Canadians and Americans buy traditional doors because they suit their existing traditional homes
  • Canadians and Americans do not want to try anything new and supporting the local economy is a worthy cause

Well, there are in fact a few new door companies who have made strong connections with major European Door Manufacturers and are importing quality interior doors from Europe. Most European Doors come from either Germany, Italy or Spain. European Door Manufacturing times are comparable to local production times and in the order of 4-6 weeks. Shipping is arranged via a central hub in North America or as direct shipments to the customer.

European Door Designs are very numerous and come in a wide variety of wood types. Most major manufacturers print their own high quality interior door catalogs which allow the customer to order doors from their home rather than visiting their local hardware store who might be able to show them 10 different door designs at the very most.

More on European Doors in the next post…


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