Concealed and Hidden Hinges and Interior Doors

Hidden Hinges are beautiful.

Why show your door hinge if you can hide it away. Tucked away in the door frame and panel, hidden hinges also called concealed hinges add an extra touch to a door. Concealed Hinges are available for exterior and interior doors. There are quite a wide range of manufacturers such as Simonswerk from Germany who produce Tectus Hinges and another one is Soss from the USA. Italy is another country who has many hidden and concealed hinge designs.

Standard hinges can be seen on the inside of the room when the door is closed – sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 of them. That might not always be ideal if you want to show off the wood design of you door rather than metal pins between door and frame. Hidden hinges open to 180 degrees if the door casing or trim allow it and operate smoothly and trouble free, while being 3 way adjustable in most cases.

Set yourself apart by choosing a hidden or concealed hinge for your next door project. A luxury that should be experienced.

Hidden Hinge on Interior Door


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