The future of Interior Doors

What do I see as the future of interior doors in Canada and the US?

In the last 100 years traditional interior doors with casing and trims have ruled the building sector in North America.  There has been very little side-stepping and innovation when it comes to new door ideas.  People seem to have stagnated in the taste for home decor, which Interior Doors are a part of.

This lack of innovation is slowly changing with the influx of more affluent buyers.  The more wealthy populous is wanting something different.  These might be business owners that are doing well money-wise or off-shore investors and immigrants that come to North America with money to spend.  Many of these people want a more modern look to set them apart from the rest of the horde.  In some ways I cannot blame them.

Oak Flush Concealed Door

Modern Flush Door with a Concealed Frame

Modern Flush Doors with Concealed Frames and Hidden Hinges could be the newest and greatest thing in the door market.  Flush Door Panels provide zero distraction as opposed to panelled doors from the past.  Concealed Door Frames eliminate the need for trims and, again, provide flawless, clean lines in interior architecture.  Hidden Hinges are the last step in ensuring a minimalist door design.

Will this type of contemporary interior door ever take off to a point where 50% of all doors in North America are thus said?  The answer is probably “no”.  North America is slow in changing their ways in general.  But one could certainly hope that more and more people want something different.  Because having no change is always bad – that has to be understood.

So, take the leap.  Change things up and maybe you discover a new design and love the new look – and impress the people around you.

Insights from a door expert with a vision.